Thursday, June 28, 2012

Little Ones

If you follow this blog you know that i i am a sucker for an incredible kids bedroom.. I often wonder why they don't seem to show many kids spaces in interior magazines when the possibilities are endless! I have had a while (coming on two years) to create the perfect room for Hunter and trust me when i say that i AM getting there.. I can almost guarantee he will be in it next week.. Here are some of my favourite kids spaces.. Love Love Love.. Not your typical boys/girls rooms but the vintage, eclectic style that i have very much grown to love and copy.. Hope your having a beautiful Thursday..

Gorgeous kids spaces on Pinterest

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

One Cool Hunter

You know those homes that you see and you can't seem to get out of your mind..
Well this is one of those for me.. I first clapped eyed on this gorgeous country home in the stunning Cotswolds in England, a little while ago and still love it just as much.. I think that i love the moody-ness of it.. The grey, the brick, the rawness.. Love Love Love.. It just happens to be owned by Jo Berryman who also just happens to one cool cat, Not to mention she used to be married to Coldplay bass guitarist Guy Berryman ( the hot one) Lucky Lady..

More beautiful images here.. x

Thursday, May 24, 2012

H is for Heaven..

I have literally died and gone to Heaven.. This baby right here is Heidi Middleton's home.. One half of the INCREDIBLE designer duo of Sass & Bide, one of my favourite brands.. As you know i want to marry Alice Temperley's home in London, however this has in deed  given it a marital run for it's money.. I am lost for words.. Check out the rest of the delectable images here..

Happy Happy Thursday.. Sweet dreams.. x

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

BEAUTIFUL is an understatement...

Some of you know the story of when i "broke" into the half built house next door to take a peep inside, only to have them arrive.. Long story short, i was left sliding down the back stairs (I say stairs but i mean little pieces of wood) heavily pregnant.. That was the last time i decided to peep into people's house without asking.. Now the safer way is to just sit at home and load the pictures.. Happy hump day..

Via this amazing place.. I can't pronounce.. x

Thursday, May 10, 2012


When I read this I literally laughed out loud.. My son turned to me and gave me quite a strange look as if to say that he too questions my mental health.. I think as a mother I have had more episodes of crazy than before.. I'm thinking it must surely have something to do with all the love and frustration all rolled up into one little bundle.. I love no one more than I LOVE HUNTER, but no one makes me want to pull my hair out quite like him either ( except maybe his father) There are only so many times you can have your toothbrush put in the toilet or clean the oven door (because the child insists on licking it 100 times a day) before you seriously wonder what on earth is going on.. Over the weekend Hunter tried to scale the balcony only for me to scream like I've never screamed before out of shear terror and rescue him for plummeting three stories. On the way back from a friends house in my husbands car the tyre exploded going 110km down the highway and when i FINALLY got home, Hunter slipped over and had the mother of all bumps on his head and we spent an eventful evening in the emergency department.. Don'r even get me started on the beginning of the week! Actually come to think of it maybe i'm not mental, just everyone around me is..x

Thursday, May 3, 2012

les petites choses

Can the French be any more amazing.. No, I don't think so.. For little half frenchie Rosie.. x

These beauties amorelou